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GRACEOLOGIE with Gwen Smith

Jun 10, 2018

Elisa Pulliam is my guest on episode #4 of GRACEOLOGIE with Gwen Smith! Elisa is the founder of MORE TO BE, a ministry devoted to equipping women with Biblical resources, coaching and mentor training. She's also the author of the new book, UNBLINDED FAITH. In this conversation we talk about how to live a life defined by grace.

about how to STOP the toxic patterns of living out the junk of our old selves and STEPPING INTO the NEWNESS and BEAUTY of our new selves in Christ, through the transforming power of God’s Word. We also talk about the importance of not only BELIEVING GOD FORGIVES, but RECEIVING HIS FORGIVENESS.

The conversation gets both vulnerable and practical as LISA and I share some personal struggles relating to anger, control, parenting and personality. We’ll discuss some ideas and truths from Scripture that you can begin to implement TODAY that will help you to not only BELIEVE that GOD has made you into a new creation, but to begin to LIVE like that new creation.  

So if you’ve ever felt frustrated by the distance between your behaving and your believing, OR by the way your failings impact the people you love, then this discussion is going to encourage, guide and empower you.

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  • Show you how to live in responsive worship everyday... no matter what … according to God’s WORD

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